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= Face Painting or Balloon Twisting =

1 hr $120

2 hrs $190

Great for aprox 10-15 guest/hr per artist.

= Combo =

An artist who can do 2 services.

1 hr of face painting followed by 1 hr of balloons or glitter tattoos.

$190 for 2hrs

$270 for 3 hrs

= Combo with 2 Artist =

1 face painter & 1 balloon twister/glitter tattoos

$350 for 2 hrs

= Special Events =

Schools, companies, churches or any public events

wit lots of people attending:

We can do it!!. We bring small designs so we can cover lots of kids , painting and twisting fast designs within 1-2 minutes or less per child. Only experience painters and balloon twisters can do this type of events.

Also and very important, we only work with kind, friendly and happy artists.

Rates are a little bit lower, depending on how many hrs and how many artist you need. Please ask us for a quote.

Temporary Tattoos:

 Air brush and glitter tattoos can last between 3-7 days. Can be remove with alcohol, makeup remover or baby oil. Henna tattoos; We use completely natural henna, mehndi. Typically henna color fades in one to three weeks depending on your skin and how much you wash the part where henna is applied.

= Gritter tattoos =

Freehand and stencils tattoos.

Waterproof tattoos, perfect for pool parties or beach parties

2 hrs $190

= Air-brush tattoos =

Small, medium and large designs.

Waterproof tattoos, perfect for pool parties or beach parties

2 hrs $210

= Henna tattoos =

100% freehand, This tattoos can last up to 3 weeks!

2 hrs $220

Reservation fee is not refundable, it will be go towards the amount due.

Reservation fee is $30 - $100 depending on the event, to secure your spot.

We accept checks, PayPal or Venmo for deposit. Balance due on the day of event in cash.

Adults love to be panted too!!!

we also do growing ups parties!!!

Traveling fees:

No extra fee in OC county up to 25miles. After 25 miles, traveling fee will be applied $10-$20 up to 

40 miles.

For LA or Riverside areas: $25 traveling fee and the minimum booking is 3 hrs, we might have an artist on your area please ask.

  = Service Agreement =

We are insured. We NEVER cancel on our clients, in case of emergency, will send another artist

 to come to your party, we only send talented artist.

Cancellation/ Rescheduling Changes:

Should Client for any reason cancel deposit is not refundable, you can reschedule your event date or time depending on our schedule a least 5 days prior the event.

Amount of Faces Painted:

Artist(s) typically average 14-16 quality painted faces or balloons 12-20 per hour, depending on the designs. For big events, like public event, schools or churches, we bring small designs so we can cover lots of kids going fast fast fast!. We may have to cut off the waiting line 30 minutes prior to our end time. Client can request extra time and agrees to pay an additional fee in half-hour increments of $45/artist depending on artists’ schedule.


Broken balloon pieces from any type of balloon can cause a choking HAZARD for people of any age, especially those ages 3 and under. Parental Supervision is recommended.

Liability Statement:

Although we only use approved and safe for skin products, FDA approved professional face paint, the artist is not liable for allergic reactions to makeup products/”paints”. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the artist if their child has sensitive skin.

Artist has the right to refuse to paint offensive material (such as ‘gang’,‘double meanings’; offensiveness to be determined solely by the artist) and an alternative design will be offered.

Photo Consent & Release:

By having your Guests’ face painted and photographed, permission is thereby granted to use images for the painter’s portfolio, marketing materials such as print, website or other publications. No names are ever revealed or location. If for any reason, you do not agree, please inform the artist and privacy will be respected.

Parking Location:

Parking must be provided for the artist(s) closest to the event location, so that equipment may be unloaded. The Client will reimburse the artist for any parking fees, or provide parking validation.

NOTE: Please do not place the artist(s) near speakers or stages, as they will need to converse/communicate with Guests. Keep in mind that long lines may form while Guests wait their turn. Please place artist(s) in a location that can accommodate lines.

Personal Checks:

Due to unfortunate problems which have arisen, we will require cash for the balance due on the day of your event. However, in the instance of a corporate or business event,

we will accept corporate checks.


It is not necessary to tip the artist, is totally up to you, THANK YOU!!!

We look forward to make your party even more fun and give you the best service!

Fanciness and Awesomeness, that's all...